Current Issue How we adore those who fling open the door when opportunity knocks. They are the lucky ones, finely attuned to the fortunes of chance. We here at the newly monikered interiors have seized an opportunity of our own. We have changed our name. Inside we remain your dedicated companion, our adventurous spirit intact, still scouring the globe for the most enticing designs. In this issue, we celebrate south Florida, a landing place of restless explorers, those thirsty for an exotic sip. How fitting then, that Miami-based artist Hernan Bas draws upon his wanderings through Floridian forests to produce startling, darkly humorous works. How appropriate that interior designers Lee Bierly and Chris Drake took a chance on a fading Georgian-style beauty, polishing her into a rare Palm Beach gem. Or that three hotel hot spots by creative masterminds like Kelly Wearstler challenge the sunny climes with inventive, ber-chic interiors. We dare you to even miss the beach.

Plus! Designer Vicente Wolf reimagines a Connecticut country estate with a truly masterful mix. Distinctive furnishings and larger-than-life photography pop against a Colonial-style interior's tabula rasa. Pastry chef Alex Stupak of Manhattan's WD~50 conjures sensory thrills in a brave new world of "not-dessert." And More
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